Caregiver Support

It can be overwhelming. I am doing everything I can to help my husband. But he can’t be left alone and there are times I just need a break or some answers. A friend of mine told me about the respite program for caregivers at Senior Services and it has made all the difference”


Will County Senior Services offers special programs tailored exactly for caregivers.

Caregiving is quite a responsibility. We know that. And we are here to help. Our programs connect caregivers with much needed resources, tailoring each to the family’s needs. Training, support, respite and resources are all offerings we can help with. Whether it is taking care of your own family or getting help with someone else coming into your home so you can get some much needed relief, we are the place to find help and information.


Senior Services can arrange to have a trained professional stay in your home and allow you the freedom to leave the house for important tasks or to just unwind.

  • Attend classes
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meet friends
  • Visit with doctors
  • Pick up medications
  • Get car maintenance
  • Just have some fun


Being a caregiver is a big responsibility and sometimes there are tips that can help make the load a bit lighter. Will County Senior Services offers caregiver workshops four times a year in different locations at different times. Each one is carefully selected to give the caregiver the most helpful information. An added bonus is the caregiver gets to meet with others and share their victories and sometimes their frustrations.

Support Groups

It is hard when you feel alone. That’s why we provide a safe place to share thoughts, ask questions and simply vent. Professionally led support groups meet monthly to allow family members to know they are not alone.