Senior Services does so much for me and our community that I chose to join so that my financial support helps keep the programs and services going. - Lanette“It can be overwhelming. I am doing everything I can to help my husband. But he can’t be left alone and there are times I just need a break or some answers. A friend of mine told me about the respite program for caregivers at Senior Services and it has made all the difference”


I had been reading recently about how connected diet is to Alzheimer’s disease and when I heard how Senior Services was providing screenings and education about a healthy lifestyle I signed up. I have learned so much about diet and exercise and the role it plays in staying active in mind and body.


My wife and I live in out in eastern Will County and have limited access to resources and assistance. When we heard Senior Services was opening an office near to our home we were ecstatic !


When it was time to enroll in Medicare Part D, I had no idea where to turn and how it worked. I hated to call the 800 number, but then I set up an appointment at Senior Services and they met with me face to face so I could ask my questions. They were great in helping me make my choices


Before I came to Senior Services I just stayed home. Now I am there several times a week with my new friends to have fun. I especially love the craft classes as you never know what we will make each time.


I was desperate for assistance because my husband was suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and I knew I could not do this alone. I reached out to Senior Services of Will County. A care coordinator came to our home did a simple assessment and discovered we qualified for assistance for a caregiver to come and allow me to do various errands.